Pictures of Baby Coyotes

There’s nothing cuter than a baby coyote.  I’m not for certain, but I think a baby coyote is called a coyote cub.  If not, I think they’re called coyote pups.   Regardless, here are some beautiful photos of baby coyotes.

baby coyotes
Here’s an adorable picture of three baby coyote cubs.

coyote babies
Here’s a heart-warming photo of two baby coyotes. They look like teddy bears in this pic.

cute baby coyote
This is a beautiful photo of a baby coyote surrounded by flowers.  This almost looks like a school photo for coyotes!

Wild Coyote Pictures

Here are some random pictures of wild coyotes, some by themselves and some in packs.

coyotes in the snow
Here is a cool picture of a pack of coyotes walking in the snow, probably hunting for food in the Winter.

coyotes picture
I thought this picture was neat because it looks like the two wild coyotes are posing for the picture.

pack of coyotes
Here ‘s a picture of a coyote pack which I believe is in a zoo.

wild coyotes
This is a cool photo of two coyotes at the edge of the woods.

coyote cartoon
And of course, no coyotes website would be complete without this cartoon coyote.  Man, I really wanted him to catch that Road Runner!

Pictures of Coyotes Howling and Growling

Like wolves, coyotes often howl at the moon.  Below are some pictures of wild coyotes howling at the moon and growling.

coyote growling
This picture is a closeup of a coyote growling and snarling.

coyote growling pic
This pictue is very scary.  This coyote is quite angry or quite threatened.  Look how wide its mouth is and look at all those razor sharp teeth!

coyote howling
Here is an awesome picture of a coyote howling.  Notice how far it tilts its head back when it howls.

coyotes howling at the moon
I thought this was a cool picture of a whole family of coyotes howling at the moon.  I can sometimes hear coyotes howling from where I live and this is the way I picture them in my mind.

Pictures of Coyotes

If you are an animal lover like me you undoubtedly love wildlife.  I love wildlife, especially foxes and coyotes.  This site will be dedicated to coyotes only.  Here you will find pictures and images of coyotes ranging from newborn baby coyotes to packs of coyotes howling at the moon.  Please feel free to send me your own photos of coyotes as well, and I’ll be happy to include them on this website.

Here are a couple random pictures of coyotes in the wild to get us started.  My next post will be about coyotes growling and howling.

what coyotes look like

The above picture should give you a great idea of what coyotes look like.  You can see the pointed ears and the squinted eyes as well as the long tail.

coyote face

From the picture above you can see what a coyote’s face looks like up close.  This is a nice profile image of a coyote’s head.  You can see his nice furry coat and his sleek head.  It almost looks like this coyote is smiling for the picture!